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Business deals are a combination of art and science, and no two deals are ever alike.


We are a very aggressive firm in an industry that is notoriously passive. You will not see us sitting back and waiting for our phones to ring, or for potential buyers or sellers to find us on behalf of our clients. You will never see your business listed on a website, waiting for a buyer to find it among dozens and dozens of other competing businesses. Instead, we get on the phone, we knock on doors, we attend trade shows and conferences, and we pay attention to industry trends. In any industry we make a market in, we know who the buyers are and who will finance the deals. We can develop local, regional, national or international interest in your business. The buyer for a printing business doing $5 million in annual sales is most likely going to come from the same city or region the seller is already in. A chain of gas stations doing $50 million annually might be too big of a pill for any potential local buyers to swallow, so for them we may have to reach out to someone regionally or nationally. For some companies with new technology in a field like medical devices, the best match for you might be offshore, and we know how and where to look.


Almost every business deal that reaches the closing table is a win-win for buyer and seller. Lopsided deals rarely close, let alone last for long. But there are still clear cut winners and losers every time a business changes hands. Do you know who they are?  Insights like this are our stock in trade and we effectively leverage this knowledge on behalf of our clients every day.

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